If you have ever relocated at one point in your life, then you understand that relocating from one house to another comes with a set of problems.

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Commercial moving services in Wheaton MD

Relocating your offices can be a horrendous task. It can be time-consuming and stressful. But this needn’t be the case. Having the right commercial movers handle the relocation can save you that hustle and bustle.

With years of experience, My Speedy Movers boasts of high quality moving services with personalized services for each move. We believe that every relocation should cater for each individual company while addressing their specific needs.

Knowing that your company needs to be back on business as soon as possible, our office moving services in Wheaton MD are speedy and timely providing a seamless transition to your new location. Give us a try and sit back and relax as we move with you. Our yearn is to see our clients satisfied with our services, and that’s exactly what you get.

Whatever the reason for relocating your offices, you shouldn’t have to experience the challenges that come along with that. For example, fragile items like computers and glassware getting damaged, moving heavy items such as desks and seats, damaging the current offices and a surfeit of other challenges shouldn’t be allowed to give you headaches. In that regard, you need to find office moving companies that will not only provide you with value for your money, but satisfactory services.

Get a Moving Quote Now!

If you have ever relocated at one point in your life, then you understand that relocating from one location to another comes with a set of problems.


Most of the movers are licensed with the local government and provide quality services to the customers. The moving companies have trained professionals that provide expert moving services. Before hiring a professional; movers perform certain background checks ensuring that the organization culture remains intact and your goods stay in the safe hands.
You can either pack your goods by yourself or take professional help from moving companies. The professionals have years of packing experience under their belt and this helps them pack the stuff efficiently. They categorize and pack the goods based on their value and nature. So, it is recommended that you use the packing/unpacking services provided by the expert movers.
Almost, all moving companies have their own fleet to transport the goods. Most of the moving companies have moving trucks that are designed to withstand heavy impacts and harsh weather conditions, making your goods safe during the transport.
It is not recommended to transport the perishable items with other household goods as without proper air and light; these items will go foul.
Moving companies operate in different regions and offers a different set of services. To make sure that you get the best out of the moving services, you should do thorough research and compare quotes from different companies.
Before contacting the moving company; you should make a budget of the moving process. Working within a budget will help you to keep your expenses under control and you will not put a burden on your pocket. Most movers provide affordable plans to meet the ever-changing moving needs of customers.
Working with the movers that provide liability for the goods is always a good idea. Always mark the high-value goods during the moving process to get fair reimbursement in case of any damages incurred.
Almost, all moving companies make a detailed list of the inventory they are transporting and it is better to ask for a copy of the inventory from the moving company professionals.

Get a Moving Quote Now!

If you have ever relocated at one point in your life, then you understand that relocating from one location to another comes with a set of problems.


Be notified that not all corporate relocation companies offer exemplary services. While there may be a myriad of such companies online, performing enough due diligence will save you the trouble of landing into the wrong hands. Here are three ways to compare moving quotes from different corporate relocation companies.

  1. A good mover offers insurance policy for the items they’re moving. Ensure the quote indicates this and when moving, mark the high value items to ensure you get compensated fairly in case of anything.
  2. Good corporate relocation services offer quality moving services without charging exorbitant charges. There are plenty of moving companies that offer affordable services. However, do not compromise quality over the price.
  3. Having a well detailed inventory showing all the items being moved is a good idea to prevent loss of items. Every mover should provide you with such an inventory to keep track of everything. Remember, you want a seamless transition to your new location and you want to be up and running as soon as possible.

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